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Our Services 

Food Consultants Australia’s wealth of experience and knowledge improves our clients ability to achieve their business and organizational objectives. Food Consultants Australia focus on the process required to take your project or business from where it is now to where you want it to be or what you want to achieve. we work side by side with our clients, listening and learning about what they want to achieve. we take that information and turn it into a highly practical and sustainable solution. below are some of the ways we can help you… we are open to helping clients large and small.

Business Solutions – Consultancy

it is a wise move when an organization or business recognizes the need to review where they are at, where they need to go and identify future opportunities.  seeking expert advice from experienced industry consultants, who live and breathe the hospitality and food service industry and understand the metrics of success will deliver short and long term benefits for your business or organisation.

Catering Tenders

Food Consultants Australia can help you with your catering tender or expression of interest process. we have helped clients write tender documents and also helped clients respond to tender documents. We understand the tender process from both sides…defining the tender and responding to a tender. food consultants australia’s expert catering tendering and operator procurement service has been used by iconic, cultural establishments, major business corporations and government bodies and councils. we have developed highly successful catering tender submissions for major organisations through to boutique operators. 

In our experience a successful catering tender process involves several key steps:

  • Define what it is you are actually tendering.
  • Prepare a detailed specification of how you want the catering to operate.
  • Set performance standards and kpi’s as to what each aspect of the catering service needs to achieve.
  • Develop a selection and evaluation criteria before you issue the tender.
  • Review the tenders against the evaluation criteria.
  • Inspect the caterers premises and sample their food and service.
  • Select and appoint your new catering provider.
  • Finalise contracts and then let the catering begin.

By following these steps food consultants australia can help you and your organisation deliver the “right” return and the “right” caterer or operator for your venue. Or when responding to a tender we can help you prepare a winning submission

Business Improvement… Finding Solutions

Whether you are a new business or you have been operating long term there are always new strategies that can help increase your success rate in the marketplace. We can quickly diagnose areas of opportunity for performance improvement, quality enhancement and or cost reduction.       

Our business improvement services include:

  • Operational audit and recommendations
  • Developing operational systems and manuals
  • Menu review and re design
  • Menu engineering cost control and reporting mechanisms
  • Secret shopper surveys and follow up action plan
  • Skills audit and tailor made training
  • Organizational and or department restructure
  • Food and beverage tender specification and evaluation
  • Supply chain and logistic solutions

As a result of our consultancy services our clients have seen increased sales, improved staff efficiencies and achieved sustainable growth. Food Consultants Australia’s business improvement services have been used by business owners who operate or manage hotels, clubs, resorts, tourist and leisure parks, arts and cultural venues, community and aged care facilities.

Master Planning… Building For The Future

Food Consultants Australia can provide you with a food and beverage & hospitality master plan which is designed to maximise financial returns and facilitate cost efficient front and back of house design development and delivery. Our strategic hospitality solutions are based on focused research, industry benchmarks, local and international trends and our extensive experience. We provide an easily understood strategy document. we can work as part of the project team, providing project managers, architects and interior designers with advice and assistance through the life of the project.   

Our master planning services have been used to define hospitality strategies and food and beverage master plans for:

  • Major corporations
  • Resorts and hotels
  • Tourist destinations
  • Clubs
  • Councils
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Commercial & cbd precincts
  • Urban markets

Specialised Services 

The every changing world in which we live requires new age and forward thinking, particularly in relation to food and hospitality. Food Consultants Australia’s progressive and forward thinking assists our clients to identify where they need to be and how to get there.   


New age thinking, be it menu, operations, technology or design is applied to a broad spectrum of the food and hospitality organisations from iconic corporate offices to hotels and resorts through to community and aged care facilities.   An example of our specialized services is for the aged care sector:  

Providing highly nutritious and desirable dining experiences to aged care residents is a mission which Food Consultants Australia relish and see as one of our growing passions as the demand and complexities increase understanding the importance every meal plays in a residents daily life drives our desire to improve all aspects of the dining experiences. Reconstructing the “institutional” food approach and providing an alternative food and dining road map for management and food service staff is a highly valued service that we provide.

Visual Merchandising…Making It Work For You 


Presentation is everything! we can help you generate more sales through the application of our tried and tested visual merchandising principles. We now know to present your brand your store and your product to stimulate interest and in turn optimise sales. 


Here is a testimonial from a satisfied client

Jump Shift – Shift Your Business into Hyper Drive

by: Michael Sherlock


jump-shift“Brumby’s adopted many of the recommendations made by Jo Thompson’s Food Consultants Australia to improve the brand image and the visual appeal of the store to the customers.  These were part of the “where and how” principles of merchandising, and include changes to product labels, tasting boxes, packaging and point of sale merchandising.  In terms of store design, the strategies included changes to the colour scheme, identity signage, stands and displays, visibility into the store and wind breaks.”


Our visual merchandising services include:

  • Visual merchandising training and workshops
  • Development of in house visual merchandising standards
  • Merchandising plan development and implementation
  • Tailor made planograms
  • Sourcing of display and presentation equipment
  • In store reviews and recommendations
  • Hands on assistance

Applying the success factors of visual merchandising has helped our clients achieve increased sales, improved customer service and reduced operating costs. Visual merchandising is a powerful tool which we can make work for your business.

Food Consultants Australia