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about us


Food Consultants Australia is the most highly regarded team of food and hospitality consultants in Australia.


We have lived and breathed hospitality for most of our lives.


We have worked in all sectors of the industry as frontline managers, business owners, executives, and trouble shooters.


Our extensive industry experience combined with our industry qualifications and knowledge enables us to provide our clients with advice that is not only highly achievable but also designed to turn their aspirations into reality.


Our multi talented team’s mantra is doing better than what has gone before.

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why we are different


Our independent consultancy service is unique in that we offer our clients advice and problem solving skills based on actual industry experience within the food service and hospitality industries. We know the industry from top to toe!


Food Consultant Australia’s advice and partnership approach is highly valued by our clients.


We take time to listen to our clients and understand their situation, operations and objectives. We analyse our clients requirements, consider all options and deliver tailor made solutions.


We are reluctant to just hand over a solution. We like to be there as your partner, working hand in hand till the project is complete and you are happy with the outcome.

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how we can help you


We are able to assist large and small organisations and businesses at any stage of their business cycle, we can help you:


  • Plan your next project and a supporting strategy


  • Improve your existing business – finding solutions


  • Implement new processes or new ways of working to achieve your new business goals


  • Identify tailor made solutions to reduce costs.


  • Create new bespoke menus to satisfy more customers and ideally make more profit


  • Present your food and facility to deliver a better service and increased sales as market forces demand.
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our services are most valuable to


  • Business Owners and Managers


  • Councils and Property Managers


  • Project Managers


  • Facility and Aged Care Managers


  • Architects & Interior Designers


  • Retail, Leasing & Marketing Managers


  • Club, Leisure & Entertainment Managers


  • Airport & Transport Retail Managers


  • Resort and Hotel Managers


  • Independent Retail Food Operators


  • Sports Stadium & Tourist Facility Managers
Jo Thompson

Jo Thompson


Managing Director


For most of her life, Jo has completely immersed herself in the hospitality industry. She is a proud graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute, and has since consistently strived for progress, whether within her own catering business or as a general manager of an international catering company. Jo has a diverse portfolio of clients, with her most recent consultancy projects being in strategic planning and business optimisation for a diverse range of property’s and organisations. Jo’s experience transverses a variety of sectors within the hospitality industry including 5 star hotels, museums, galleries, iconic corporate offices, councils and food service facilities.


Jo has been appointed as an official judge of the Restaurant and Caterers Awards for Excellence and Clubs Victoria due to her extensive knowledge and credibility. “The challenges of finding solutions for my clients is what fuels my enthusiasm and desire to achieve great outcomes.”

Hazel Williams


Senior Consultant


Hazel has recent experience as a highly successful hotel and restaurant operator, focusing her expert hospitality skills on achieving the best returns for all food and beverage opportunities.


Hazel has a strong success record in managing a major multifaceted international catering company, which is testament to her knowledge in food and beverage systems, procedures and staff management. Her in-depth experience in consultancy work also ensures sales and profit maximisation for a range of hospitality venues, such as hotels, function venues, offshore shipping, aged care facilities, franchises, food courts, casino’s and leisure parks.


Hazel specialises in positive results and sustainable business growth.

support team

Support Team


Support Team


We’re proud to have an extensive network of professionals as a part of the Food Consultants Australia support team. Our team comprises of innovative individuals with a variety of unique skillsets, ensuring that our clients receive top level knowledge and creative solutions for their business. Food Consultants Australia’s support team includes highly qualified consultants in food safety, commercial kitchen design and interior design. Our combined resources, sets us apart in the market place and affords our clients a unique level of service.

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